2nd Jul 2021, 12:00 AM in Sins of the Past
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2nd Jul 2021, 12:00 AM
And with that, the party is reunited, and everyone is up to speed. Although Pepper maybe shouldn't have mentioned the whole palladium poisoning thing in front of Natalie. Or maybe she should have? Who knows!


2nd Jul 2021, 12:14 PM
When shall Don pop up on the pagination of the cast?
2nd Jul 2021, 12:23 PM
Excellent question. Odds are, hopefully soon-ish, real life stuff has been piling on exponentially and I've been having a difficult time keeping up on updates beyond making sure the comic itself gets made and uploaded. Shooting for possibly this weekend (or maybe sooner now that I know someone's paying attention to it), but who knows.

I appreciate the question, thank you for validating my decision to make a cast page by confirming that other people actually look at it. XD
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