Suit Up 2: Sequel Boogaloo

16th Jul 2021, 12:00 AM in Sins of the Past
Suit Up 2: Sequel Boogaloo
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16th Jul 2021, 12:00 AM
Full disclosure, Armor Wars is one of my most anticipated Phase Four projects. And I'm looking forward to almost everything about Phase Four, so that's saying something.


16th Jul 2021, 2:36 AM
Armor War is gonna be sick! Let's give Don a chance to deserve his Emmy nomination with that show!

So in this universe's made up game, is there a pilot/drive skill that applies to both planes and powered armor? Hence what he meant by 'Don being equipped for it but Pepper isn't'?
16th Jul 2021, 1:17 PM
Close, but it's actually about proficiency rather than skill. Powered armor is a weird mix of armor, weapon, and vehicle in this game to help offset the exorbitant costs of crafting it. Tony bypasses it because he built it and it's now his Artificer specialty, but anyone else wearing the suit would need that proficiency in order to wield it effectively, and Rhodey is the only other character in the party who has it thanks to his "vehicle" proficiencies including it.

18th Jul 2021, 3:39 PM
Indeed, it does say something. :)

Not anything good or bad, but even fanboys like me who thought they never could get enough are losing interest. Of course, there are often reasons. People change as they age, but for adults like me, for the ones who lose interest, it seems to break down into two (often overlapping) camps:

1) The films are seem to becoming more formulaic except for places where they intentionally deviate from the formula and inadvertently prove the formula is still needed. Or something like that. I've got more than a toe in this camp, but it isn't my real gripe.

2) Too many key and/or favorite characters/storylines being butchered in their conversion. Yeah, this is what made me all but stop watching the Marvel films. It happened with the X-Men films as well; X3 had bad takes on Juggernaut and Multiple Man. I didn't completely stop watching the Fox X-Men films, but I became a lot more selective and learned to expect less. Marvel/Disney's take on Mandarin, on Thanos, on Taskmaster... well, Thanos alone means I stopped watching shortly before Avengers: Infinity War. Which, as I understand it, is basically just taking the name of the comic arc but resembles the Infinity Gauntlet/Thanos Quest. ¬_¬ I started to detail specifics but... if someone needs to know how I am disappointed, they can ask, and maybe I'll explain or maybe I won't.
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