17th Nov 2021, 12:00 AM in Thor
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17th Nov 2021, 12:00 AM
As much as I would have loved to have gotten Thor: Love and Thunder before this chapter started just to have a better idea of where the hell I should be going, I am grateful that Loki came out first, because it afforded me the opportunity to make this joke.

Plus: a new way of visualizing onomatopoeia! Think it looks decently comic-booky, myself.


17th Nov 2021, 7:04 PM
Onomatopoeia looks fine to me. :)

Yeah, I'm behind, but I'm catching up on the comic now. XP

Haven't read the others, so pardon me if something I say sounds "odd" when I should already know where this goes but Loki makes me wonder:

Anyone been a GM, had a player with an elaborate backstory that you either redesigned your campaign around, or you told them something along the lines of "Not this game. This is too good to waste on what I've got now, but next campaign, your character is happening." and meant it?

Probably not, but I'm starting to think it should have happened with some of my past games. XD
18th Nov 2021, 3:42 PM
Never with a player, but ironically it happened to me with a fellow DM. Our long running(like 1 1/2ish years of near-weekly play) campaign that I had Damned had come to a close, and while we discussed a bit about where everyone's characters would end up afterwards I mentioned that the BBEG wasn't truely dead, merely banished for millenia due to the Party not destroying a collection of orbs that orbited him. In addition, the BBEG had previously mentioned that he'd lived through thousands of cycles of destroying reality and being resealed as reality is created again anew.

Then one of the players decided to try running his own game, that he set years in the future in my(admittedly poorly fleshed out) world. This campaign died due to COVID-19 about a Halloween sessions after he reintroduces a form of the gems and a time loop element.

Then, we started another game now that the pandemic seemed to be dying down, and he's using all our old PCs and the time loop from both previous campaigns in the new story. From what little I know(one character had access to about 30 pages of lore about this, but kept it close to his chest and a TPK led to him being split from the current party), all our old characters from all our campaigns are stuck in an timeloop, trying to prevent the destruction of the entire universe and repeatedly failing. They've ended up split into different factions, one searching for a Silver Bullet to save the universe and the other that's given up and left the group. When we were workshopping what would happen post-TPK he implied we might have to deal with one of the DM's more scary previous characters sometime in the future (Nigh-unkillable Lionfolk Barbarian). I can't wait.
18th Nov 2021, 8:40 PM
Works for me. Thanks for sharing! :)
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