1st Dec 2021, 12:00 AM in Thor
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1st Dec 2021, 12:00 AM
Everyone knows official material never has any contradictory information in it, right?

Of course, even if it were a real Gauntlet, I'd say Kevin's making the right call declaring it fake. Kris with the Infinity Gauntlet is not an idea I relish.


1st Dec 2021, 4:47 PM
Okay, so stupid idea I had while reading the strip. Stupid, but fun. Well, not if you're the GM, because I suspect it would either wreck the campaign or your players. What if the "Infinity Gauntlet" on display both is and is not a fake? What I mean is, what if it were a "Finite Gauntlet", something like the Infinity Gauntlet, but with a limit on how much it can be used. I mean period. By anyone. Not the films where the power threatens to wreck whomever uses it, but that you have an artifact that can basically do whatever the Infinity Gauntlet can do but with a limited amount of "charges" (and no recharge feature).

Like I said, not only could this drive the GM nuts, but the players who have it as well. The idea being the Finite Gauntlet would have X charges to it (not sure what the correct number would be). Using the Finite Gauntlet's power uses up these charges. "Big" feats would drain it faster, especially if they're sustained actions e.g. lasting multiple turns or rounds or however your game breaks up the actions.

Yes, this all occurred to me while reading the strip. Give or take some fine-tuning that occurred while typing this responds. It is just how my mind works. Something stupid but where I like the name led to many bad designs in the few campaigns where I was the GM. XD
1st Dec 2021, 7:58 PM
The limit should be 6; use it in the same way the IG is normally used and all 6 charges are spent instantly while destroying the gauntlet itself instead of the user. But using less than all 6 stones at once and you have other stone(s) yet to spend.
3rd Dec 2021, 7:50 PM
I'm more familiar with the comics' version Infinity Gauntlet, and from what little I know of the films' version, I think I prefer it. Well, how it worked back in the 1990s and 2000s. My wallet long ago said "Stop!" when it came to buying comic books. XP The risk in the comics wasn't "Oh, I used the Infinity Gauntlet for something and then died because of it." It was the learning curve in your body and mind adapting to your newfound powers. Stupid "wishes" could wipe the user from existence, get them killed, or simply leave them stunned just long enough for someone else to snag the Gauntlet.

For any willing, let me explain why you want to make it a little easier to use than in the films. It requires explaining an actual game mechanic from a system you've probably never played, so please bear with me. ^^'

I'm a GURPS player. I don't know about modern Fourth Edition, but Third Edition (Revised) had three "Wish" Spells, which were actually used to create an Item that could do the following once and you weren't allowed to stack multiple instances of such Items together.

Lesser Wish let the caster dictate the results of any one die roll made in their presence, excluding rolls for magic.

Wish is the same as Lesser Wish except it can be used retroactively to alter a just-made dice roll as well. Again, this cannot be used to mess with rolls for other magical effects.

Great Wish can be used to:

1) Cast any one spell the user knows exists, ignoring the Energy cost, with automatic success and no chance to resist. For spells with a variable cost, the maximum Energy is 1000 (10 Energy is an "expensive" combat spell, FYI). The person using the Great Wish Item doesn't have to even be capable of normally casting spells!

2) Permanently improve a character's scores. Attributes (Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Health) can be permanently raised a level. A Skill can be raised by three levels. It can also be used to lower a character's scores (inverse of the above amounts), but in that case, the person must be present. For unwilling targets, there's no Resistance roll.

3) Give a character any one Advantage worth up to 20 CP or remove any Disadvantage worth up to (down to?) -20 CP. CP = Character Points. GURPS is a "Point/Buy" system where you spend points to build your characters. Again, you can also do the opposite and "curse" a character by removing an Advantage worth up to 20 CP or inflicting them with a Disadvantage worth up to (down to?) -20 CP, but they must be present when the wish is used. For unwilling targets, there's no Resistance roll. Advantages are like "Feats" and Disadvantages like "Flaws". +/- 20 CP isn't impossibly big, but it is still pretty good. For example, if you're not running a mage, it is still enough for the first level of Magical Aptitude (Magery) e.g. the ability to learn and cast spells in so long as there is mana present. Or to remove it from an enemy...

4) Anything the GM thinks won't break the game. ;) Oh, and if not clear, that absolutely means anything a Lesser Wish or regular Wish can do.

Finally getting to the point:

I was thinking that a hard limit of six would be too few, but that might be because I was thinking of any use draining a full charge from the six. Using the guidelines from the wishes, let us say that you had a total of 18 charges... but the equivalent of a Lesser Wish was worth one of those charges, a regular wish was worth two, and a Great Wish was worth three. So... do you save it to try and bail the party out of trouble? Or just cash in on six bonus Advantages (feats), divided between the party members, saving any left overs for Lesser Wish or regular Wish-like saves (assuming there are any leftovers).

Now, actions on the scale of Thanos wiping out half of all life in the universe is beyond the Spells I just described... but hey, maybe that is what you can do if you burn the full charge at once. I'm just trying to give some actual, play-tested guidelines for it. XD
1st Dec 2021, 8:10 PM
The Finite Gauntlet is like, one of the best names for an inferior version of a pre-existing thing I've ever heard and I'm very sad I've never made the connection before.

For something along those lines that actually exists in the Marvel Universe, may I offer you the Abundant Glove? Courtesy of Howard the Duck.

I'd say I didn't go for that joke because Kris would still want it, but actually it's because I forgot it existed entirely. XP

2nd Dec 2021, 10:11 PM
A Quiet Reader
The Abundant Glove amuses me far more than it should XD
12th Dec 2021, 12:43 AM
Kris: "For my first use, I use the reality stone to make this thing the real deal"
14th Dec 2021, 4:00 PM
Not sure if you were responding directly to me or to Michael. Not sure how Michael handles that. Can the Infinity Gauntlet be used to make copies of itself? If not, then Michael's approach for the Finite Gauntlet probably couldn't, either. I know, I know, if the Infinity Gauntlet has limits, then it doesn't actually sound "infinite". As in GURPS, comic books often have names that are best not taken too literally. ;) Even if it did work, I'm assuming that the "Finite" Reality Gem still bites the dust, but hey, you've got five out of the six. Then again, Michael also wanted them to behave like the Cinematic Universe's Infinity Stones, so... Kris's PC go boom? (No, really. I don't know. XP)

As for my suggestion... definitely more than a 20 CP Advantage (see my follow-up to my original post), and probably breaks the game so it'd be a double "Nope."
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