Phone A Friend

8th Jul 2022, 12:00 AM in Trials Of The Tesseract
Phone A Friend
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Author Notes:

8th Jul 2022, 12:00 AM
It can be very easy to keep holding onto items that probably don't do you any good, especially if your GM is lenient with carrying capacity. But every so often it turns out a thing you were holding onto despite its apparent lack of use actually came in more handy than you thought!


8th Jul 2022, 6:04 AM
Gwyn is gonna be so sad that she wasn't able to do anything to stop the Nazi attack.

"If I was there, Howard could have done something!"
"What, paid off the Nazi?"
"Everyone's got a price. And I've got the sense motive ranks to find it."
9th Jul 2022, 11:35 AM
Something something "scarcity drives the market" something something "conscience is bad for profit margins". I don't think she's gonna lose that much sleep over it.
9th Jul 2022, 11:04 AM
A Quiet Reader
Points for the Princess Bride reference XD
9th Jul 2022, 11:36 AM
Apparently I need to rewatch that movie, I didn't even realize there was a reference. And I still don't. XD
15th Jul 2022, 12:01 AM
A Quiet Reader
I thought the "classic blunder" bit in the flavor text was a deliberate reference. Oh well, still worth a XD
15th Jul 2022, 8:32 PM
I had completely forgotten the mouseover text even existed. XP

Yeah, that's definitely a Princess Bride reference, good catch!
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