On With The Show

12th Aug 2022, 12:00 AM in Trials Of The Tesseract
On With The Show
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Author Notes:

12th Aug 2022, 12:00 AM
Originally I was planning to skip the stage show entirely, but honestly there's just too much important foundation for the Captain America identity here to ignore it altogether.

Plus, more opportunities to write a Gwyneth scheme and a disbelieving Kevin are always good to have!


12th Aug 2022, 12:35 AM
Ah how the tables have turned-now Captain America wants to do the USO show, and the DM is trying to get things back on track.
12th Aug 2022, 1:02 PM
Ah yes, the zany hijinks that can ensue when players scheme.

Okay, that isn't all that abnormal, but I mean when they scheme for things their characters might find fun or feel they need to do but are not them trying to break the game.

For example, and yes this is a "rerun" storytime story for me:

System was GURPS (Third Edition, Revised) about 20 years ago. Setting was home brew: pseudo medieval/fantasy setting minus magic. So humans, orcs, etc. but nothing inherently magical like elves. Kingdoms in this setting relied heavily on mercenaries to bolster their armies, explaining our party. On our first big payday, the party leader suggested we go out and celebrate, and this led to someone suggesting a drinking contest... basically painting a bright, red, target on our behinds because we'd be trunk and loaded with coin, and everyone would know it! ¬_¬

So, the short version is my character pulled off the following con: bought the first round of drinks (cheapest stuff the place had), took a dive in the drinking contest, then made the rounds bright and early the next day. I convinced the party leader, who was trying to buy his way into knighthood (totally plausible in this setting) that he had insisted on buying the best drinks for his men (the party) the night before... but had forgotten his coin purse! So, to spare him from embarrassment, my character loaned him what he need. What are friends for, right? However, my creditors had begun hounding me even earlier that morning, so I needed the loan repaid ASAP!

The player knew exactly what I was doing, but his hungover dice rolls meant he believed me, paid me back, and was grateful I had "helped" him. I was foolish, however, and tried the scam again on another party member. It was totally stupid, as the next guy didn't have the same aspirations and if they had talked to each other about it, of course they would have realized the scam. The other player, however, rolled so poorly that, as I cracked open his door and called to him, he threw the object nearest his head at me then immediately passed out again. That object was his coin purse, which I happily took. Again, the player knew what had happened, but the dice said his character didn't remember. Hans later had to spin a yarn about having learned of a young pickpocket having made the rounds the night before, and this other player swore murderous revenge against them... and guess what kind of character our new player (joining us in this same session) was running?

In the end, I think I managed to avoid trouble by loaning my mark his own money and "forgetting" to ever get that loan paid back. A pity, as if I'd stopped with scamming our party leader, I think everyone else was more or less okay with it. Which sounds harsh, but our GM, who was loving all of this, pointed out that the only reason we didn't get attacked and/or robbed during our drinking game was because - during an IRL bathroom break - I'd run my scheme by the GM to receive the GM's approval.

Oof... pretty long for a rerun, so one bonus bit: don't feel too bad for the party leader I scammed. He later got revenge when, in a game he was running, our characters decided to sing while on a march because we (the players) thought our characters would be bored, and so figured it made sense. The GM ruled this attracted some monsters (appropriate to that other setting) so we had an impromptu encounter. Not a particularly difficult one, but it meant we weren't as "fresh" as we would have been for the rest of the session (and the planned encounters). In the long term, we appreciated these moments of solid roleplay but also logical consequences. That, or my guilt ridden psyche made sure I remembered it that way. XP
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