Friends In Low Places

31st Aug 2022, 12:00 AM in Trials Of The Tesseract
Friends In Low Places
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31st Aug 2022, 12:00 AM
If we can ever get Chris Evans back, more Howling Commando WWII stuff please.


31st Aug 2022, 2:29 PM
There actually are rumors that they are getting Chris Evans back, and as Captain America.*

Given the current track record for such things, I don't know if I want it to be true or false. XD

*Yes, I felt I needed to specify. Given the options, it would be quite possible, let alone plausible, for the-powers-that-be to bring Chris Evans back as someone other than Steve Rogers/Captain America.
31st Aug 2022, 3:20 PM
Yeah, I remember reading a statement from Chris Evans that he'd be more willing to come back as Human Torch than as Captain America, and it'd take a particularly compelling angle to get him to come back as Steve simply because Steve's story is "over", or something similar.

That being said, it's probably more likely that, if we see him back as Steve Rogers at all, it won't be the MCU Steve Rogers, or at least not a continuation of his story. Showing up in Secret Wars as either a past or variant version of himself seems likely, but if I could put him in any other project we know exists: I'd bring him back for Captain America: New World Order, but as Hydra!Cap/Hydra Supreme/Stevil.

Before anyone gets the pitchforks out, I know, Secret Empire was a bad story and Stevil as presented in that story was a bad idea. But I think, if you tweak the details, the idea of co-opting the image of Steve Rogers for nefarious ends has potential. The most important change:

DO NOT TRY. TO FOOL THE AUDIENCE. OR THE MAIN CHARACTERS. None of this "oh no, Steve's broken bad AND HE'S GONNA STAY LIKE THIS FOREVER" malarkey. Of course you can have the public fall for it, but even in the MCU there's been enough experience with mind control/magic/shapeshifting aliens/alternate universe versions that any superhero should be able to see through the deception in a heartbeat. The important part is not "oh no is Steve ACTUALLY EVIL?", it's "who is actually behind this and what is their endgame?", and trying to pretend otherwise is just disingenuous.

Then again, even as I type this it hits me that it'd probably be poor form to have Steve Rogers, even in a fake doppelganger capacity, show up in Sam Wilson's first movie, that'd draw a lot of media attention away from him and back onto "CHRIS EVANS IS BACK GUYS!!11!!!1!!!1!" Maybe for a fifth movie then.
1st Sep 2022, 1:07 PM
Aye. With respect to your last paragraph, I worry that the-powers-that-be just won't have the patience. Using a non-Marvel example, it'll take a potentially compelling story and botch the execution: Superman-killing-Zod might have been brilliant if it had been in DCEU's third Superman film, and not his first. I mean, you still also need to have a better reason for why Superman had to resort to killing Zod to stop him, but it could have had some real impact if only it had been something we built up to. Same for the destruction that occurred from the battles: you let us start with the "traditional" Superman, capable of averting disasters and stopping the baddies without the collateral damage, second film you show him cutting it close, and then in the third film, you have Superman overcome and unable to save Metropolis, let alone many of its citizens.
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