Schmidt Happens

9th Sep 2022, 12:00 AM in Trials Of The Tesseract
Schmidt Happens
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9th Sep 2022, 12:00 AM
Sometimes you want to save the big bad's appearance for the climactic ending of the campaign. But it doesn't always have to be that way. Having them appear periodically throughout the story can be a fantastic way to build tension with the players.

Just make sure the villain is either unbeatable at the stage, or has a really good escape plan.


9th Sep 2022, 12:20 AM
Ah, at last Schmidt, the star of Piece of Schmidt Games, a review show!

Now for the meat toboggan!
9th Sep 2022, 11:38 AM
... Okay, I'm not saying I WOULD watch a game review show hosted by the Red Skull, because even if I could somehow pirate it to avoid implicitly supporting Nazism I'm sure it wouldn't ACTUALLY be as funny as I'm imagining it to be in my head.

But I can't shake the feeling that it would make for one hell of a parody show, if you have whoever's playing the Red Skull go all Franz Liebkind about it.
9th Sep 2022, 1:57 PM
Heh, I wasn't even thinking about it that way, just making a Sword Art Online Abridged reference. XD

It does give me a "fun" a.k.a. probably bad but it makes me chuckle idea for settings like that of Marvel Comics:

In order to repay victims of crimes, supervillains (assuming that can even be properly defined) must "star" in programming used to raise funds for said reparations.



I have issues.
9th Sep 2022, 10:30 PM
you get 5 stars just for the final panel
10th Sep 2022, 7:39 PM
Would you believe me if I said I was slightly more pleased with the page title? XD

Thank you though, it's appreciated!
29th Sep 2022, 11:51 AM
i did not read it at the time, still 5 stars, i love the fact that it works as an SAO abridged reference
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