In Pursuit

7th Nov 2022, 12:00 AM in Trials Of The Tesseract
In Pursuit
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7th Nov 2022, 12:00 AM
Tesseract Pistols require a recharge and can only be fired once per turn, if you were wondering.


7th Nov 2022, 10:08 AM
Just a chance to laugh at me for system confusion. I'm like "Being able to fire something once per turn is requiring a 'recharge'?"

Then a second later my brain is like "Uh... most RPG systems you use don't have one second combat rounds like GURPs, ya fanboy." Followed by "Rate of Fire for any pistol from the 1880s (and later) have a Rate of Fire of 3 or better. Just because you forget to take a high enough Guns (Pistol) Skill to soak the Recoil penalty and make use of those two extra shots does not mean they're not actually there." XP Then finally "Wait... since the rifle versions of the Tessaract weapons have some sort of backpack, does the pistol just recharge in your hand, or does it (more logically) have to be holstered in some kind of portable recharge station. Or is this Red Skull's hubris, thinking a pistol he needs to take to a recharging station is really worth it?"

Okay, slight fib; the RoF/Recoil thoughts popped into my head while typing this comment, but I believe they made more sense as the second point, with the recharging station concern last.. ;)
7th Nov 2022, 11:33 AM
Just for funsies (since I have an odd sense of "fun") I'll add that GURPS has a Limitation called "Takes Recharge". Limitations are things you can slap on appropriate traits to bring their cost closer to zero. When buying beneficial things like Advantages, applying a Limitation to it means the Advantage is less capable, and thus costs fewer Character Points e.g. a 10 point Advantage would now only cost 5 points, but would also be significantly less useful. You can even apply a Limitation to a Disadvantage, which makes the Disadvantage less detrimental, raising its price. If that sounds backwards, GURPS assigns negative Character Point costs to Disadvantages e.g. a -10 point Disadvantage with a -50% Limitation is now worth -5 Character Points, and should trouble you significantly less than the full-priced version. Oh, and if you're wondering what this has to do with a Tesseract-powered-pistol, GURPS lets you model equipment as Advantages when appropriate and... well... I'm just running with that option since the above comic reminded me of the Takes Recharge Limitation, and so I took the time to look it up and thought "Why not share it?"


This hardly the weirdest thing I've posted, but moving on:

Takes Recharge has a variable value, based on two factors:

1) How long does it take long the trait to be used?
2) How long does it takes the trait to be recharged?

That first one might seem odd, but remember GURPS' thing with being Generic and Universal. While not ever Advantage or Disadvantage can be modified by "Takes Recharge", many can! Those not meant for use in combat, and so take much longer to use, aren't really going to care if the time it took for them to recharge was only X seconds. Hence having this kind of variable approach. For a -10% discount, the time required to recharge between uses is five seconds or twice the time required to use the ability, if that would be longer. For -20%, the times jump to 15 seconds or five times as long as the trait took to use. For -30%, the recharge time is one hour, or 10 times the amount of time it took to use the ability if that would be longer than an hour. Assuming it only takes one second to attack with the Tesseract Pistol, with a -10% Takes Recharge Limitation applied, it would take 5 seconds to recharge between shots... so you could (at most) fire it once every six turns of combat. While GURPS combat can take a little while around the gaming table to resolve, in game, combat often only lasts several seconds. Even at the -10% level, you're probably only firing the Tesseract Pistol once or twice for cannon fodder caliber encounters, two or three for more substantial threats, and maybe upwards of six times against a serious threat e.g. a "boss" encounter. Past this point, the recharge time is about whether or not the weapon will be ready for the next encounter.


Yes, this is how I have fun! XD
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