Grand Entrance

4th Jan 2023, 12:00 AM in Earth's Greatest Un-Team
Grand Entrance
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Author Notes:

4th Jan 2023, 12:00 AM
Introducing the new and improved Loki, now with an Infinity Gem!

Also made a blog post with short reviews of the past year of the MCU. You can find it here.


4th Jan 2023, 1:09 AM
Off Duty Rules Lawyer
With all the Grand Entrances he's made across various different media what's your favorite "Loki intro" scene? Mine is it's so basic but that's what's so fun about it, barely any illusions or tricks but he does ham it up the way a person who wears that ridiculous horn helmet should
4th Jan 2023, 9:44 PM
For as much as I hate Ragnarok as a Thor movie, it's really hard to top "YOUR SAVIOR IS HERE!"

For much the same reason as the MUA one, it's not the most Loki thing in terms of illusions or magic but it's suitably bombastic and self-aggrandizing.
4th Jan 2023, 8:53 PM
Let me make this straight: Loki, through closed portal, influenced the scientist to open the portal and let Loki in.
4th Jan 2023, 9:46 PM
The Mind Gem influenced Selvig into opening a portal.

Its higher-level abilities are limited by distance, but it can cast Suggestion spells from basically anywhere.
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