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20th Jan 2023, 12:00 AM in Earth's Greatest Un-Team
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20th Jan 2023, 12:00 AM
Figured ten pages of prologue was enough to get the ball rolling. ;)

Plus it meant I didn't have to deal with more of Hawkeye with a gun THIS MAKES ME SO IRRATIONALLY ANGRY.


21st Jan 2023, 1:13 AM
Off Duty Rules Lawyer
The thing is the original Hawkeye uses a bow because he was specifically trained with that in the Swordsman (Because comics... to be fair he was also trained by a guy called Trick Shot who was retconned into his backstory in 87 because someone at Marvel had to think being trained by a guy called SWORDSman to use a bow and arrow was a tad silly) removing the whole "circus brat" angle from his backstory kind of makes him being an archer hard to get. Even Green Arrow had the explanation that he was stranded on an Island and was already a Robin Hood fan boy before that.
Side-note between Nightcrawler, Hawkeye, Toad and Robin a lot of heroes and villains seem to have circus related backstories
21st Jan 2023, 3:22 AM
Nick Furry
And what's wrong with the guy named Swordsman to know how to use a bow? Next time you'll say that Archer shouldn't use swords...
21st Jan 2023, 5:12 PM
I think the craziest thing is that the circus backstory still hasn't been removed as far as I know, since we haven't gotten anything that outright contradicts it, it's just... not addressed.

... Huh. Y'know what, for as much as I like the Hawkeye miniseries and as much as I don't think the arguments that it's all Kate's show are accurate, maybe I've been giving it a teensy bit too much credit? You'd think they would've at least bothered to make a passing mention there of all places as to how he got good enough with a bow that S.H.I.E.L.D. was cool with it.
22nd Jan 2023, 12:58 AM
Hawkeye's MCU backstory is still a mystery. We don't know what his wife did that required such secrecy, we don't know his origin or why he's with SHIELD, so many questions.

If we get a Hawkeye season 2, I hope we get a deep dive into his backstory, maybe as Kate has to go investigate his past for something.
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