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23rd Jan 2023, 12:00 AM in Earth's Greatest Un-Team
Game Plan
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23rd Jan 2023, 12:00 AM
Sooooo I do feel a little bit bad about cutting so much of this scene, because it's both a really good action scene and in the context of the movie, a good establishing bit for Natasha.

On the other hand, delaying the proper start of the game further felt like a bad idea, and as much as I love the scene on paper, in execution it's a little... gratuitously male gaze-y to a level that I'm not necessarily comfortable drawing attention to by screen-capping it, if that makes sense?

So instead it's the last thing Natasha was doing in-game before the Defenders session started.


23rd Jan 2023, 6:48 AM
I am quite interested in how they determine where Banner is, given they stopped playing halfway through his movie. Technically they could have him be anywhere.

Also Otaku, if you're here, got a GURPS question. How would you do the Black Widow leg scissor throw move in GURPS? Does that exist in something, like GURPS Martial Arts, do you need to homebrew it, what's up?
23rd Jan 2023, 7:44 PM
Let me check...

Not seeing it, but I am seeing enough related Techniques to hazard a guess:

Scissors Hold
Default: Wrestling-2.
Prerequisite: Wrestling; cannot exceed Wrestling skill

This technique allows you to grapple an adversary’s legs using your own. You must have both legs free. You must also be lying face-up, sitting, or standing – but if you’re
standing, then successful or not, you automatically end your turn on the ground. Scissors Hold isn’t possible from other postures (kneeling, crouching, etc.).

Roll against Scissors Hold to hit. Your opponent defends normally. If you succeed, you’ve grappled his legs with yours. He may try to break free on his turn. If he fails, or chooses not to try, you’ve locked your legs around his. He may attempt to break free on subsequent turns, but at a cumulative -1 per turn.

If your foe is standing, Scissors Hold leads naturally to a takedown (p. B370). Having both of his legs grappled this way gives you +3 in the Quick Contest!

I'd probably use the above as the basis; a Scissors Hold that begins with a jump, enabling it to target higher hit locations, like the neck. The "throw" at the end is a just that, a run of the mill "throw" only special because you're using your legs to perform it, and as such, probably safe enough to just make it a function of our new technique. For other attacks that have a "jumping" variant, there a -2 difference in the default e.g. Kicking is Brawling-2 or Karate-2; Jump Kick is Karate-4. So a hypothetical "Leg Scissor Throw" probably should be Wrestling-4 at best; I could see there being more of a penalty to it, but I'll stick with that Wrestling-4...

...but there's more. We have to consider the target. Not the person, but the body part. If you're large enough (relative to your opponent), you could use it on their torso, for most person versus person action, that won't work. While Black Widow is going for necks, it could easily be used for arms (for example). What this means is you will face the usual "To Hit" penalty for the chosen Hit Location, but unless we decide that's the only legitimate target, I'm not going to require it be part of the Technique's default.

As a Hard Technique, it costs 0 Character Points (CP) to keep the Technique at Default. Learning it at Default+1 costs 2 CP, 3 CP at +2, 4 CP at +3, 5 CP at +4, etc. until you reach the Technique's maximum. A Leg Scissor Throw (Jumping Scissors Hold?) will be at -5 to target the neck, which may make it sound impossible to land a hit... but I'd wager Black Widow has something like Wrestling at Skill 20, and since she seems to love using that technique, she probably bought it up as high as she could. Using Scissors Hold and Jump Kick as examples, even though it seems a bit outlandish I suppose you can study the Leg Scissor Throw (Jumping Scissors Hold) to the point it is equal to your base Wrestling Skill... and that would only cost 5 CP. So we're talking Leg Scissors Throw (Jumping Scissors Hold) - 20. The -5 penalty means she's rolling against a 15, and on 3d6 (what GURPS uses), that'd still be 95.4% chance of success.

Of course, it would still be a bad idea if they've got a good defense; I would assume that a miss (including someone successfully defending against the attack) would result in you falling, or at least having to roll against the appropriate Skill to avoid falling.

Anyway, the above has not been tested by me in the slightest. ;)
23rd Jan 2023, 11:36 PM
Like the batsignal has been sent out, you arrive to save the day Otaku!

Fascinating stuff as always, although I wonder if failing this would warrant any falling damage, given the most you would fall would be 6 feet (probably less because it's the neck) which doesn't sound high enough to hurt someone. I could see an argument for going prone from failing.
24th Jan 2023, 9:26 AM
Yeah, I mentioned falling not for falling damage, but because you'd land prone. There is a similar risk to Drop Kick and Jump Kick, IIRC (not enough time to search GURPS Martial Arts at the moment). As GURPS has one-second Combat Turns, you lose a lot of time getting up from falling down. Unless you make your Acrobatics roll. ;)
24th Jan 2023, 6:32 PM
Asked over on the Steve Jackson Games forum, and so now I have real answers:

Technical Natasha – Black Widow in Iron Man 2
23rd Jan 2023, 5:07 PM
Off Duty Rules Lawyer
Due to the recent... Unpleasantness at WOTC, Castles and Crusades made their game free for awhile so I read that and started looking into the OSR and how it differs from O/ADND and BECMI. I've really been drawn to a game called "Adventurer, Conqueror, King" because 1) it has Spontaneous Casting as a default and 2) it finds an interesting middle ground between "Race-as-Class" and "Classes and Races" that isn't just "Races are restricted to certain classes" specifically it makes what I'd call 'Racial Classes' my favorite is the Elven Spellsword also it has a Dominion System because someone wanted to do Birthright right.

I bring this up because this feels like in-between panel to get the ball rolling and I won't detract from the conversation
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