21st Dec 2020, 12:00 AM in Industrial Investigations
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21st Dec 2020, 12:00 AM
Poor Kevin. Even if Rob had played along and built his character for the original campaign idea, he still would have had to deal with Gwyneth and the corporate monster that is Pepper Potts.

Also, many thanks and a big shout out to my roommate's four year old son for providing the inspiration for "pizza delivery". I had no idea what Pepper was going to say when she knocked on the door at first, and might have continued drawing a blank if not for his attempts at pulling a prank.


21st Dec 2020, 2:33 PM
One of the positive signs in a game is that if your characters are high value enough (however the game handles it), you eventually realize that "Oh, right... broken characters can be made for any setting, not just murder hobos." Indeed, some of the fun is when - using GURPS because that is what I know best - build a character on 500+ Character points for just about any kind of game. Normal people are considered to be 0 CP to 50 CP characters. The kind of "adventurer" types you would expect are more like 150 to 250. At 500 CP, you have enough for low-to-mid-tier Superheroes...

...or real world heavies in various industries, politics etc. You're not just an accountant, you're the accountant! XD
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