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3rd Mar 2021, 12:00 AM in Industrial Investigations
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3rd Mar 2021, 12:00 AM
New chapter officially starts on Monday, but I thought I'd make a couple of pages featuring everyone's favorite Merc with a Mouth, Deadpool.

Full disclosure in case this didn't make it obvious, I don't have any plans to make entire chapters for Deadpool 1 or 2. At this point we know so little about Deadpool 3 beyond it being set in the MCU that even including Cable feels like a big giant gamble. XD


3rd Mar 2021, 9:54 AM
In hindsight, this should have been obvious. Also, I should hate it...

...but I don't, and will probably like it a lot. XD

P.S. Since I loved giving Wolverine/Deadpool style "healing factors" to my characters back in high school (and probably still do), just gonna elaborate on what all it entails in GURPS terms. Yes, I know the strip doesn't use that system. It is what I know, and someone else can tell me how to do it in d20. For reals, I don't know if I'll ever get around to playing in a d20 game again, but if I do, I need to know how to build this! XD

The main thing to understand is that, as is often the case, this singular power is actually multiple traits. In GURPS, rapidly recovering Hit Points on at regular time intervals is referred to as "Regeneration". It comes in a variety of forms, based on how often this healing occurs, from Slow (once per 12 hours) to Extreme (10 HP per second). GURPS Hit Points are such that 1 HP of damage is like a flesh wound. A broken rib would only equate to having one or two HP of damage. So, healing 10 per second is insane, a bit fast even for Deadpool. He probably has Regeneration (Very Fast), healing 1 HP per second. In terms of Character Points, that costs 100 (before any Enhancements or Limitations are applied).

The ability to Regrow lost organs/limbs is a separate trait: Regrowth. That costs another 40 CP, and when combined with any form of Regeneration, as soon as your HP recovers your lost whatever has finished regrowing. Deadpool's exact take on this varies, and there are more advanced options for tricks like being able to reattach severed limbs via your Regeneration. Comic book Deadpool sometimes needs to do that, other times slowly regrows lost limbs, other times quickly regrows it. A lot of it is story driven, besides fluctuations in how well his healing factor works.

Anything else the "healing factor" provides has to be purchased separately as well. Are you functionally immune to disease? Poison? Resistant to telepathy? Do you age more slowly, or not at all? You can explain they stem from your "healing factor", but you still have to pay for them separately. Though, in some cases, you can get a discount because of them being closely related, if that causes problems for you... like negating one facet negating the whole thing.

Just the Very Fast Regeneration and Regrowth would cost 140 together. Terminal Illness that will kill you within the next month is worht -100 CP (meaning you're given 100 CP to spend elsewhere). Within the next year is -50, and within the next two years is -25. However, Wade's healing factor keeps his cancer from actually killing him, so it isn't worth anywhere near that much. There are rules I don't know well enough to calculate it quickly, but I'm guessing it could range from [0] - since it almost never matters - to -20 (at most). Appearance: Hideous (-16) or Appearance: Monstrous (-20) would apply to Deadpool, though. Still, in GURPS terms, even if he was dying within a month (not prevented by his "healing factor") and got the full Monstrous Appearance, he'd still be 20 CP shy of covering the cost of Very Fast Regeneration and Regrowth.
3rd Mar 2021, 11:17 AM
I'm going to have to check GURPS out one of these days, number-crunching gives me a bizarre sense of satisfaction. Unfortunately I'd probably have to find a different group of people to play with, all of my friends switched away from 3.5/Pathfinder to 5E because apparently I was the only one who actually enjoyed all the math that went into it. Ah well, such is life. XD

It's interesting to see the cost of what he does broken down like that though, and it makes me very glad that I'm using my own imaginary system. It also helps that, for the purposes of the comic at least, Wade is very much a one-trick pony, so his player didn't have to justify insane stats on top of Fast Healing. He's got very good Dexterity, but everything else is average to low (with Wisdom and Charisma being especially abysmal).

Of course, depending on how things go, Kevin may ask for a "retool" if and when Ryan joins the larger campaign. ;)
5th Mar 2021, 9:02 AM
Glad I haven't completely scared you off of GURPS with my fanboyism. XD I'm not trying to push the issue now, but I forgot to mention something in my previous post, and then there were one or two things pertinent to what you just said. If I go too in depth, just let me know. Eventually, I hope you have enough readers my stuff gets lost in their comments. :)

I forgot the "punchline" of the webcomic, Wade's delusion. GURPS does let you take "Delusion" as a Disadvantage. The catch is that its value is based on how it affects (constrains) your decision making, and how it makes others perceive you. I shouldn't go into full detail, but even if Wade qualified for the highest tier of Delusion, it is only worth -20. The Deadpool in Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe has that caliber of Delusion, but not most other Deadpools. Oh, but the good news for Deadpool is... you can be right but still be crazy, so Delusions are based on how the reference society within the setting perceives you. :D

GURPS is like a laidback version of Star Trek's Borg: "Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated... or we'll adapt to you. Either is 'cool.'" GURPS tries to put things in real-world units of measure when it can, and to explain things in a manner so you can adapt concepts from its supplements to other games, or convert stuff from other games to GURPS. So, even with your current group, you might still find a use for it. Don't go sinking money into it without sampling though; I don't have time to dig up the link, but there's a free .pdf called "GURPS Lite" you can download and read.

The last thing is that GURPS is customizable. It will be harder on you (as GM), but you can offload most of the number crunching onto yourself. I was going to recommend GURPS Dungeon Fantasy to you, because it is literally GURPS "doing" Dungeons & Dragons, or at least as close as they can legally come to it, but if D&D 3.5/Pathfinder was too much number crunching for them... probably not. XP
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